Becoming a Member

How do I become a member?

If you are interested in joining the church, we are glad to help!  Please feel free to contact our pastor or call the church office.  At the conclusion of every Worship Service is a time of invitation, where you may come forward and join our congregation here at Brock United Methodist Church. The Pastor and other members of the congregation will be prepared are ready to answer your questions and help guide you through this process.

Persons who join Brock United Methodist Church make sacred commitments to God and to the church community.  Through these vows we accept God’s free gift of freedom and power to turn away from sin and the forces behind it; to profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; to believe in the Christian faith as contained in the Bible; to live a Christian life; and to; “faithfully participate in the ministries of the church by our prayers our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ” (from The United Methodist Hymnal, copyright 1989 by The United Methodist Publishing House).