When we are doing something we love, a hobby or a sport, we give it all of our attention and we are engaged and focused—we are fully present.  That’s the nature of our vow to give the church our presence.  We promise to give the life, work, and ministry of the church our full attention; to listen actively; to participate with enthusiasm; and to offer our joy, creativity, skill, talents, and gifts to help the congregation become more like Christ.  When we are fully present, we connect with others in ways that deepen community and grow our faith.

Our vow presence does not mean saying yes to every request for service or taking on tasks and roles that we cannot do.  It does mean offering our time and energy in large and small ways that help us grow spiritually and that add value to the congregation, the community, and the world.  Our vow of presence does not stop at the door of the church building.  We are the body of Christ in and for the world.  We are called to be fully engaged and focused on God in all aspects of our lives—work, play, relationships, and ministry.