Dear Brock UMC family;

Christmastime and thoughts of home just go together. So many popular songs of the Christmas season focus on coming home, such as; “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” and “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays.” We all have a favorite Christmas movie or television show, and many feature stories of people going to their family home or extended family home over the holidays. Many of our traditions are associated with either going home or doing some special things at home – whether lighting candles and having a time of family prayer during Advent, or decorating a Christmas tree, or caroling through a neighborhood, or hosting festive “open house” parties for friends, neighbors, and colleagues. It’s all about coming home.

Advent and Christmas Season are about another kind of homecoming, the homecoming of Christ to redeem and renew us and all creation, till “heaven and nature sing” with joy. The Scriptures we use for Advent focus first on our desire for God, and later on the beginning of our homecoming with God in Jesus. As we seek God’s joyous desire, we also are aware just how far from it we are and the challenge of just how far we have to go to begin to live into it.

This year’s Advent and Christmas Season series embraces the secular seasonal metaphor of homecoming to wrap the challenging biblical texts this season gives us. Each week’s service will invite us to ‘unwrap’ something that leads us toward making our hearts, our lives, our families, our communities, and our world more like the home Christ’s ultimate homecoming will make it to be.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful time of celebration together as family. We worship each Sunday at 9 AM and 11 AM, with Christian education for all ages in between. We will have our Children’s Christmas pageant on Sunday, December 10th, at 5 PM followed by a potluck meal and a visit from Santa Clause. We will have only one Christmas Eve service this year, at 6 PM, so please plan accordingly.

We want you to “Come Home” and join your Christian family in worship and praise this Advent season.

In Christ,
Rev. Paul Judd