Bad Girls of the Bible Women's Bible Study

A four week Bible Study beginning on Monday February 6 at 6:30PM

Women everywhere marvel at the “Good Girls” in Scripture. We admire the faithfulness of Ruth, the courage of Esther, and the humility of Mary. Yet when we look in our hearts, we may find the selfishness of Sapphira, the deception of Delilah, or Jezebel’s take-charge pride instead!

What’s a Good Girl to do? Learn from our biblical sisters and their disastrous mistakes, and by God’s grace, choose a better, more redemptive path. Liz shares valuable insights, practical lessons, and memorable stories from her best-selling books, Bad Girls of the Bible and Really Bad Girls of the Bible, along with an eye-opening session from Unveiling Mary Magdalene.

With humor and honesty, Liz teaches women of all ages how to live (and how not to live!), drawn from the lives of several ancient women from Scripture. Enlightening, fun, challenging, and life-changing! - See more at:

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